HART E+P’s MEA program recognizes Spontaneous Leak Detection technology as one of the winners of the 2021 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEAs)

Press Release

Siemens Energy partners with ProFlex Technologies to provide IoT-based pipeline leak detection

November 17, 2020

Magazine Article

World Pipelines magazine publishes expose' on the partnership between ProFlex Technologies and Siemens Energy

September 2021


World Oil Awards 2021 - Health Environmental Safety & Sustainability

October 2021


ADIPEC 2021 - won for Innovation in Decarbonization Company of the year for Innovating the Energy Transition: Forging a net-zero future from fossil fuels to renewables

DNV Endorsement

DNV Technology Endorsement for Siemens-Proflex Spontaneous Leak Detection System (SLDS)

June 10, 2021

EnVen Energy - Case Study

Leak detection for 4 steel flowline risers - Delivered EnVen with a robust, reliable leak detection system tailored to the customers pipeline operations

Advanced Technology Takes Aim at Leak Detection | Hart Energy

Siemens Energy and Proflex Technology recently highlighted technology that utilizes a ...