Getting Started

Getting Started is Simple

The spontaneous Leak Detection solution is offered as a Subscription Service. This means that Siemens Energy takes all responsibility for implementing the solution. We have minimal impact on the pipeline operation and your company staff to engineer and deploy the Spontaneous Leak Detection solution.

Spontaneous Leak Detection Service is an engineered solution that is tailored to your specific physical and operating conditions.

  • The first step is a site survey and field test using portable Spontaneous Leak Detection solution hardware to determine feasibility

  • The next step is determining the number of nodes and location and then installing the nodes and sensors along the pipeline

  • We then “tune” the system to the your specific pipeline operating conditions

  • Operational handover to customer

  • Ongoing maintenance and support for the Spontaneous Leak Detection solution during the subscription term

  • Ongoing meetings with customer to share best practices and insights

The goal is to minimize disruptions to pipeline operations and minimize the amount of your staff’s time required to get the Spontaneous Leak Detection solution operational.