Frequently Asked Questions

Spontaneous Leak Detection

What pipeline fluid can your system be applied to?

  • Oil, gas, water, condensate, NGL’s and others.

What hardware needs to be installed?

  • Only hardware needed are sensors and a local processing unit.

Does pipe size and geometry matter?

  • No, our system is able to work with different size pipelines and geometries.

Can your system be applied to underground and subsea pipelines?

  • Yes, the system will work for all pipeline installations (above ground, buried, and subsea pipelines).

Is your system applicable to existing pipelines?

  • Yes, there is no problem integrating with existing or new pipelines. We can add our Sensor Manifolds to any existing block valve or tap that you have at your riser.

How does your communication system work?

  • Spontaneous Leak Detection system works with cellular, satellite, and local ethernet.

Is your system cloud based?

  • Yes, it is compatible with all cloud based platforms.

Is your solution in compliance with PHMSA regulations?

  • Yes, our system is fully compliant with PHSMA regulations.

How can your system help minimize HSE damage?

  • With the extremely high sampling rate of data, and our ability to accurately locate the leak location within 20-50’, not only can an operator quickly isolate the affected line, but the clean up response can be a very quick operation without all of the trenching that normally occurs when attempting to locate the rupture point.

Do I need to shut down / interrupt my operations for installation of SLD? 

  • No, we utilize existing isolated connection points where available.

How can I see how the system works?

  • We have a test loop demo that has been built in Houston, TX. We can accommodate live demos both in person and virtually.