Environmental Social Governance

Our focus is being good environmental stewards enabling pipeline integrity, while responsibly enhancing production through smart proprietary digital technology.


  • Enhances both greenfield and aging pipeline infrastructure with real time monitoring 
  • Low risk intervention and ease of adoption
  • Reliable and safe production 
  • Socially responsible project completion and overall sustainable environmental stewardship

ProFlex Technologies – Environmental Stewards Augmenting Pipeline Integrity


ProFlex Technologies, commits to work with energy infrastructure companies to operate with environmental awareness, social diligence, and best governance practices today and into the future. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives are cornerstones of our business strategy, and we will continue to take purposeful actions to deliver this strategy.


We cooperate and collaborate with all the Regulatory and Compliance stakeholders. Our environmental actions protect the diverse ecosystem and minimize uncontrolled product release and air emissions for a sustainable future.

  • Rapid detection to minimize environmental damage
  • Minimize uncontrolled product release
  • Reduce carbon output
  • Improve resource conservation


We build collaborative relationships by engaging, understanding, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures in which we work. We build trust and foster collaboration with all stakeholders.

  • Minimize risk of catastrophic events
  • Improve stewardship of served communities
  • Compliantly protect people and the environment
  • Build strength of our communities


We engage in an ethical behavior to encourage collaboration and inclusion. We act with integrity and embrace opportunity to adapt, respond and contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Enhance risk management
  • Safely manage and operate infrastructure assets
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Maintain discipline in our business decisions