About Us


Bring value to the end-user by bridging the gap between technology and commercialization. A solutions-minded approach that is industry agnostic.

Explore use of proven and successful business models in a given field and apply to other markets.


Form strategic partnerships with product and service providers to create new market opportunities, enhance product offerings, and accelerate commercialization.


Executive Leadership Team

Highly experienced management team with over 150 years combined experience in oil & gas sector

26 years in oil & gas industry in leadership and product development roles, founded and ran highly successful startup technology business in subsea oil & gas sector

Stuart Mitchell – President

20 Years with Halliburton, key role in the acquisition, restructuring and integration of three major product lines , two decades of successful startups

Kamy Tehranchi – CEO

25 years in oil & gas financial leadership positions , SME in financial control, reporting, and analysis, leveraging financial best practices to drive business performance

Noel Knape – CFO

35 years in Oil & Gas executive leadership positions – Responsible for revenue of over $1.2 Billion, SME in well construction upstream technologies, digital transformation, operations and M&A

John Walker – Board Advisor

28 years in oil & gas, water, marine, military, nuclear sectors in senior executive roles including new product development, Delivery of new to market disruptive digital technologies & IoT

Scott Bauer – COO